CDN. POWER PAC has provided among the highest quality and most cost effective electrical work in the province of Alberta for over forty years. Our primary focus on our value added approach is to do the work correctly the first time.

From the economic lows of the early 80’s to the unparalleled growth of the mid 2000’s CDN POWER PAC has been able to both survive and thrive based on this simple principle. Backed up by the technical and safety training of the IBEW 424 and our own in house policies CDN POWER PAC electricians have come to be known as the finest in the commercial, institutional and industrial scopes in Alberta.

Our people have earned the highest accolades on multiple projects, from owners, consultants and general contractors time and time again – based on the simple belief that work should be done right the first time.

Our secondary focus on value added approaches is to view the project managers and consultants as partners and not as enemies or obstacles. We respect the decisions, choices and design of our consultant partners and work with them and the client to purchase and utilize the specified equipment. We understand there are educated and informed choices being made and only when we see an equal product that can provide substantial financial savings or solve delivery issues do we enter into the world of alternate products.

Too many contractors in our field see financial gain in meddling with the hard work that goes into the design and specifications. We embrace the design, quickly move to obtain the product and as such help the critical path of delivery and installation be achieved. We see relationships with the consulting and management team paramount to our success. We understand that we are all human, and the intentions of all people involved in these projects are to provide the best product available. We work with and see ourselves as part of the team, and judge ourselves on the project’s overall success. We have a long-term approach to business and always keep the next project, and the project 10 years down the road, in mind.

As a company we build bridges, we don’t burn them.