University of Alberta – Mackenzie Hall Tower – Renovations & Solar Installation

PROJECT University of Alberta – Mackenzie Hall Tower – Renovations & Solar Installation
Location: Edmonton, Alberta Project Size: 117,455 Sq Ft
Building Type: 11 Storey Building/Dormitory General Contractor: Delnor Construction
Project Manager: Rob Gerwing Site Superintendent:
Matt Sciur
Jeff DeGraaf


The University of Alberta is renovating Mackenzie Tower at Lister Hall Residences located at 87 Avenue and 116 Street in the Southwest section of University of Alberta’s North Campus. There are five residence towers: Henday Hall, Mackenzie Hall, Kelsey Hall, Schäffer Hall & Chalifoux Hall currently housing 1,760 students. The Mackenzie Hall building was originally completed in 1968 and has not seen any significant renovations or upgrades since. The building’s interior, including the dormitory rooms, laundry facilities, amenity and social areas will provide living and support spaces crucial to the academic achievement of student engagement and giving the community building a face lift. Once the phased construction is completed, the total capacity will increase to 2,200 students

Cdn. Power Pac’s scope is comprised of the following: Electrical demo of all fixtures, surface mounted conduit, light receptacles and existing infrastructure within all walls, mechanical equipment hook-ups, temporary power support, installation of owner supplied high voltage switchgear, supply and install of generator, fire alarm system, electrical distribution, lighting and lighting controls, photovoltaic panels supply and install and civil works required for primary and secondary transformer feeds.

As the structure is constructed of concrete and block, Cdn. Power Pac was able to take laser measurements of 11 existing residences (1 on each floor) to gain an average allowing us to build a Prefabricated model mirroring the true size, scale and layout. This model provides a more hands-on efficient method to plan the upcoming renovations, making the life size model available to U of A staff, Delnor Construction and all involved stakeholders, trades and team members awarded on the project. The model promotes collaboration amongst all stakeholders and reduces if not eliminates rework and discrepancies.

The prefabricated/pre-assembled units are protected from the elements at controlled temperatures and a stable position. Chain production saves time and allows for the standardization and automating of many tasks. Raw materials are stored in our shop to keep them at hand’s reach and protected while reducing the need for onsite storage; as this project has very minimal allowable storage space. Our production capacity is maintained at maximum levels and task coordination is optimized in order to meet the project’s deadlines. We will build the electrical dormitory components in our shop and assemble it on the associated level of MacKenzie Hall as per schedule. As the neighbouring facilities will be occupied with staff, student and general public (Henday, Kelsey, Schaffer and Chalifoux Halls), tremendous effort and coordination will be made to maintain continuous communication so that safety concerns are identified and minimized wherever possible.

Our approach will additionally reduce site traffic and congestion and alleviate storage requirements. Electrical assembly and finishing are professionally executed, and our quality is guaranteed; providing a personalized after-project experience with high satisfaction return.

Reflective of the integral role of the University to of Alberta and its position as a pillar of the community, we are intrigued by this opportunity and are committed to building a better tomorrow.

Main floor Dining, lounging and Cafeteria Space
Level 1-3 32 Dormitory suites per floor
Level 4-11 33 Dormitory suites per floor