Within our company we have a reputable distinguished service department manned with Local Union 424 members. It is the back bone of our company offering support to our projects while still maintaining a service contract for more than 25 years with The City of Edmonton. All of our service electricians are adaptable, knowledgeable, time efficient and able to develop/maintain relationships. Furthermore they are able to tackle anything from troubleshooting, diagnosing, fixing and maintaining all electrical components plus any kind of data/communication. We have a fleet of 10 vans that can offer electrical service within one hour of a call. Also with the flexibility, if requested, to have staff on call for evenings and weekends. We also have access to our company lineup of man lifts, bucket trucks, bobcats, and trenchers to help reduce any downtime with rentals and provide a cost savings.
Our service department also offers Preventive Maintenance to help reduce any electrical issues before they become a problem. We will then proceed to fix any of the issues and make sure it is documented for future reference. We also do thermal imaging which can detect any problems with distribution equipment that might not be found with just a typical visual inspection. Some of these steps include:
– Inspection on all switches, receptacles, pac poles, outlet boxes, distribution equipment, etc. for any damage.
– Inspections on all interior/exterior lighting for outages, cleanliness, and damages to the fixtures.
– Inspect all conduits, wire ways, and cable trays to ensure they are securely fastened and supported.
– Inspect all electrical equipment for any missing components such as knockout fillers, box covers, fitting covers which would affect the integrity of the system.

The Journeyman/Master Electricians within the service department possess a variety of different backgrounds given us a unique skillset and the ability to tackle any jobs. Some of the areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

– Using test equipment & hand tools to diagnose locate & fix electrical problems.Bucket Truck (1)
– Checking & testing circuit breakers and replacing them where required.
– Responsible for pricing and estimating commercial jobs, tenders and inquiries.
– Tracing, diagnosing and rectifying electrical faults.
– Carrying out electrical installation and maintenance work.
– Carrying out new project work, design and installation.
– Interpreting blueprints, drawings and schematic diagrams.
– Maintaining and repairing all electrical equipment.
– Accountable for all electrical and general tasks relating to maintenance.
– Using tools & testing equipment including meggers, ammeters & voltmeters.
– Working on ladders, scaffolds, and lifts roofs in a variety of different buildings.
– Maintain, install, set-up and troubleshoot DC and AC variable frequency drives.
– Install, maintains, and verification of fire alarm systems.
– Install, replace, and maintain distribution equipment.
– Exceptional communication and customer service skills.

In conclusion, thank you for considering us and we look forward to helping you with any Electrical Service/Maintenance needs.powerpac-logo2