Cdn. Power Pac is the leader in Canadian electrical prefabrication. With more than 35 years of collective experience, Cdn. Power Pac’s prefab shop exceeds construction demands, while ensuring the safety, quality, and integrity of electrical assemblies. Prefabricated items are built under close supervision, in a controlled environment in Edmonton.

As blueprints are being replaced with tablets displaying 2D drawings and 3D renderings, so does onsite planning and construction get replaced with full on preconstruction planning and prefabrication. New methods of construction are now being met with the requirements of using old skills with new procedures. Construction techniques are blending highly technical resources, expert trained personnel and innovative materials in ways our predecessors could never imagine. A few of the benefits and advantages of the preconstruction planning phase coupled with full on prefabrication are listed below:

  • Construction issues are identified through the auditing of all drawings and 3D renderings, and brought forward for interested parties to resolve;
  • Collaboration with engineering, procurement and construction to ensure shop drawing submittal periods are minimalized;
    Increase in jobsite safety, as there is less clutter, less manpower and less waste at the project location;
  • Repetitive work processes are completed in a controlled environment on ergonomic work surfaces to increase productivity and reduce safety burdens;
  • Keeps the highly skilled workforce focused on the elements of the project which requires their utmost attention;
  • Decrease in onsite congestion, thereby increasing all subcontractor field production efficiencies; and,
  • Decrease in onsite underground, in-slab, rough-in and completion times.

Cdn. Power Pac maintains the highest quality and efficiency, while significantly reducing construction waste and unnecessary labor costs on common installations. We do this all without sacrificing our commitment to clients, quality, safety, and control of our product. For over 40 years, Cdn. Power Pac has been and will continue to be the leader and innovator in the electrical construction industry and has evolved to offer prefabrication as another value-added service to all of our clients and contractors.